Paper People Project
  Paper People Project

A Public Artwork made by the Public.

A global artwork is being created and you are invited to take part. 

How to be Involved.


By creating and cutting a full size outline of yourself from brown paper and decorating it to represent yourself however you please, your work will become one of the 1000's of Paper People that will eventually hang together to form a massive public artwork depicting the resilience of beauty on a monumental scale.




Why be Involved?


The idea for the global artwork comes from working as an artist in the unofficial refugee camp in Calais known as the Jungle. The camp was demolished in October 2016, but there are still incredibly vulnerable people from war torn areas of the world in Calais, and all they seek is refuge.


Despite the dreadful issues we face on a seemingly daily basis, making an artwork is a lot of fun. You can make an artwork to represent whatever it is you would like to say. Some people want to show their love and support for each other. Some people who have already made work have not been able to do anything other than try to remind themselves and the world that they still exist.


So far we have 700 completed Paper People artworks. That's 700 individual reasons for being involved. 


An official pen stroke across paper limits life choices, sometimes in the extreme. Lifes worth is reduced to the paper its written on, but we are all far greater than this paper would have us believe because when we work together we can achieve monumental things.


It's a Brilliant Ice Breaker!


Making our artwork in groups can help us to get to know each other better.


The only way to make the artwork is your way but you may be inspired by each other. We become empathetic if we share similar experiences. Who else has made work like this? Where were they when they made it? What does making the same kind of artwork help us to share?



photo - Marie Cecile


Everyone is Welcome.


You can turn yourself into a paper artwork for whatever reason you wish. 


The identity of the person who made each piece of art will be blurred by the colour and beauty of the art making process. As works of art we can simply share in our joint humanity as we are viewed and counted together as people.





photo - Alison Raimes


Life Jacket Flowers


Residents of the PIKPA Refugee Camp are making flowers from the life jackets worn on the harrowing crossing from Turkey to Greece. These fowers will form part of the final Paper People Artwork and will give testomony to the resilient and beautiful nature of the survivors.


Please CONTACT us for information about forthcoming flower making workshops in the UK.

At this moment in time, we believe the Paper People will hang in Bradford - the UK's youngest City.

There are many thought provoking concepts to be found whilst making an artwork, or if you need to forget all you can just enjoy the paint ...

Why is this project happening? You can find more information in Project History.

"Hung out to Dry on Red Tape Between Power Lines." The first Paper People Project. 291 paper cut outs representing 291 unacompanied children who along with 1000's of people had just lost their shelters. Calais Jungle. March 2016.


"In Calais the Paper People looked like seaweed and sounded like fire ... "

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